Yekaterinburg chooses architectural concept for EXPO 2025

Yekaterinburg is working towards the decision to be selected as the host of EXPO 2025.

Yesterday, the basic architectural concept for the exhibition infrastructure and facilities was selected among drafts submitted by architects from 10 countries. The exhibition area of 550 hectare should become a new city district, in which an scientific and R&D cluster is envisioned. The development of the district will be pursued anyway, but the scale depends on whether Yekaterinburg will be selected as the host of EXPO2025 or not.

The concept presented by Agence d’Architecture A.Bechu, an international architecture and urban planning studio from France, directed by Anthony Bechu, was chosen the number 1. The architects were already involved in developing of EXPO exhibitions in Milan and Shanghai.

The authors of this concept paid special attention to the multi-functionality of the infrastructure and facilities, which should serve the city long after the event.

Source: e1

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