IT Cluster

The Sverdlovsk Region  is the country’s third largest IT competence center in a row with Moscow and St. Petersburg, and a Smart City Champion to be. The Ural Federal University is one of Russia’s leading IT institutions, while Yekaterinburg is the host to around 2.700 IT companies, 5 of which are on the list of the country’s 100 biggest IT enterprises. One of them is SKB Kontur:

Turnover:                   > $ 150 million
Number employee:   > 5,500

SKB Kontur develops software for e-document interchange, accounting and business management. SKB Kontur ecosystem enables business to simplify interaction with authorities and contractors and make internal processes transparent by getting rid of needless papers.

SKB Kontur is of the same age as IT-industry in Russia. It was founded in Y1988 — in 18 months after IBM announced launch of the first PC. After celebration of a 25th birthday in Y2013 SKB Kontur continue to develop dynamically.

Today 1.25 mln subscribers all over the country use SKB Kontur’s solutions — from entrepreneurs to industrial holdings with many branch offices.

Stake on high technologies ensures high growth rates. Among developers SKB Kontur are the experts in the sphere of storage of huge data volumes, representing the company on internal (Cassandra Conf) as well as international conferences (Cassandra Summit, VLDB). New product creation starts from client’s tasks analysis. Designers create interface prototypes, and engineering psychologists test them together with real users. This guarantees that the service will solve the tasks in simple and clear way.

Resistant to high loads server infrastructure ensure continuous clients’ access to SKB Kontur services. The equipment used in data pools can survive fall-out of some components, and the most important applications have several backups.

Hi-tech services require qualified support. Over 300 operators process client’s incidents in federal call-center. Each operator starts consulting only after a 3-month training. Operators answer subscribers’ calls 24/7, even on New Year’s night.

SKB Kontur Production collaborates with largest administrative agencies: Federal Tax Service, Pension Fund, Social Security Fund, Federal Tariff Service, Bureau of Statistics, Rosalcogolregulirovanie, Rosprirodnadzor, and others.