Avito Job publishes Salary Report

In the latest Avito Salary Report Yekaterinburg occupied the third position among the Russian cities with over 1-mln population.

According to the report, the average salary in the city amounts to RUB 38,400 ($685) a month, behind St-Petersburg RUB 47,200 ($828) and Moscow RUB 56,700 ($995). The most solvent jobs in Yekaterinburg are offered in IT and telecommunications and in construction industry paying RUB 53,900 ($945) and RUB 46,900 ($822) respectively.

The salaries in the towns around Yekaterinburg are significantly lower. In Pervouralsk, the average is RUB 27,400 (480$), followed by Nizhny Tagil RUB 26,300 ($461) and Kamensk-Uralsky RUB 22,900 ($401).

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