Daria Klyukina in final episode of TV show “The Bachelor”

The tv show concept “The Bachelor” has been a big success in Russia. As previously reported, the sixth season started in March 2018, with Daria Klyukina, a model from Yekaterinburg, among participants. She was trying her luck for the second time on the show, many people were skeptical about it.

Yesterday, Sunday night, the last episode was expected with high anticipation among fans. Now the intrigue is revealed and Daria won the biggest price. The singer Yegor Creed presented the cherished ring to her. An incredibly tense scene between them took place at the top of a skyscraper in Dubai.

“Thank you for your feelings. I do not know what I would do without you on this project. That’s why this ring is yours, “said Yegor to Daria.

The girl at first did not believe Egor, and then burst into tears: “I’m so happy, I thought you were saying goodbye to me.”

To Daria’s question, what he feels, Yegor answered with a whisper in her ear. But for the audience, he raised his voice: “I made the right choice.”

During the whole season Daria and Yegor had a tense relationship. At first the singer did not give the girl a rose and sent her home because she could not keep her promise to quit smoking. But then he catched Daria on her way to the airport, admitting that he was not knowing what he was doing. But in this moment many fans realized who would become the singer’s choice.