Daria Klyukina is back on TV show “The Bachelor”

The TV station TNT started a new season of “The Bachelor”, this time with Egor Krid.

Daria Klyukova is there again. The Ural model already participated in the 5th season, but left voluntarily, driving the previous bachelor Ilya Glinnikov to tears. Some fans began to blame her that she was just trying to get media attention on the show.

Daria says: ”I know what I get into. I doubted for a long time whether I should go to the project for the second time or not. Still, I choose to take the risk and just do it. Of course, I’m worried. But why talk about this? I know that someone will not believe me and will say that I came for my own purposes … But there will be also those who support me. And I know that girls will not be happy with me. But I can stand up for myself.”

Daria sincerely believes that she can meet a soul mate on the show, and we wish her good luck.

Source: paparazzi / Photo: 24smi

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