Diamond DA-42T is now made in Ural

The Ural Works of Civil Aviation (UWCA) has been a traditional maintenance shop for aircrafts and helicopters specializing in aircraft engines and gearboxes for decades.

In 2013 the company expanded its business portfolio and started assembling Diamond light aircrafts in cooperation with the Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries. 

In December 2017, UWCA presented its first twin-engine aircraft Diamond DA-42T, pre-ordered primarily by aviation schools.

The production started with a local manufacturing depth of 30%. In recent days the company announced that it plans to reduce the share of imported parts, including composite materials, for Diamond DA-42T to nearly zero percent until 2019. The on-board equipment is already completely Russian-made.

The company emphasizes that over 70 years of changes, reforms, challenges and accomplishments UWCA has remained loyal to its main principle: Safety in the sky begins with the quality on the ground.

The video is only in Russian available.

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