German consulate’s member robbed of 2 million rubles

Yesterday, much of media attention was directed to a high presence of police and even special police officers at the business center Vysotskiy, apparently investigating a robbery that took place at the entrance of the building. 

The victim turned out to be an employee of the German consulate residing in this business center. A source in the law enforcement agencies says, he carried two million rubles (25,000 euro) in a bag. The robbery happened within seconds, when the attacker snapped the bag and ran away to a waiting car. 

Apparently it was an usual cash transport, from the bank to consulate, performed by an employee and a security guard. 

The police press office does not comment on the identity of the victim but stated: “A criminal case under Article 161 (“Robbery”) has been opened and is being investigated”.

Interestingly, the German consulate moved to the Vysotsky business center on October 25, the same day when the robbery occurred.