Head of Traffic Police fired for Scandal with his Deputy

The Head of traffic police of Sverdlovsk Region, Yuri Dyomin, has left the police service due to the expiration of his contract. So far the official explanation.

Interior Minister of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, signed the discharge order on April 11, 2018.

As previously reported, in late March one of his deputies was detained inebriated behind the wheel after a 2 hour police chase which caused a major scandal. The deputy was immediately dismissed from the police service, nonetheless his direct supervisor Yuri Dyomin was also expected to be exposed to disciplinary actions. According to sources, in fact his contract had been  prolonged only two weeks before he left the job and there were no signs that he was preparing for leaving. In this light, it is apparent that he was fired for the accident with his deputy. 

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