High ranking traffic police officer detained after 2 hour chase

Deputy Head of Sverdlovsk traffic police Alexander Yunusov was caught inebriated behind the wheel, after two hours of police chase.

The episode started at Okruzhnaya road, on March 28 at 23:30, when Yunusov’s Citroen C4 hit Toyota Land Cruiser, which was driven by a 38-year-old businessman. No one was injured, but Yunusov tried to flee.

The businessman followed Citroen and informed the traffic police. As a result, the high-ranking traffic policeman was detained. After his detention, a “support group” arrived, trying to settle the incident non-officially. However, policemen followed the law.

Yunusov has been suspended from the police service. He faces deprivation of driver’s license for a period of two years and a fine of RUB 30k ($550).

Source: e1

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