Irbit Dairy Factory to become exporter of milk powder

The Russian market of milk powder is currently covered primarily by imports from other countries.

Irbit Dairy Factory, a major player in the Region, took it as an opportunity and invested 750 million ruble ($ 11 million) in a new production floor capable to process 100 tons of fresh milk to milk powder per day. This capacity is equivalent to 6% of the country’s total output. The company sees the potential not only to take the local market, but also to become an exporter.

At the launching ceremony, the regional authorities pointed out the positive impact for regional farmers and milk producers as well. 

General Manager, Sergey Suetin, says that the total investments from the last five years amount to 1.2 billion rubles ($ 18 million). So the output of cheese and ice cream has been significantly increased. Sales volume grew by 2.9 times in the same time period. The numbers reflects, how the import ban on agricultural products boosts the domestic production.