Kushva Factory invests $40 M, Otto Junker is delivering

Валок прокатный

Kushva Factory, manufacturer of mill rolls used in steel production, launched the operation of a new melting complex on Monday.

The complex was delivered by Otto Junker GmbH (Germany). It consists of two induction melting furnaces with a capacity of 16 tons each. The new equipment will increase the annual output to 22,000 mill rolls and improve the quality of the products.

The investment amounts to $2.7 million. This is the first stage of the production upgrade rolled out until 2020. In total, Kushva Factory will invest $40 million in this project.

Kushva Factory was founded in 1739, in the town of Kushva (190 km northwest of Yekaterinburg).
The main customers are EVRAZ NTMK (Russia), Novokuznetsk Metallurgical Plant (Russia), Bokaro SP (India), Interspeed (Poland), Paksteel (Pakistan). The export portion is about 40%.

Source: Tass / Photo: details industrial

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