Stankomatika made it big with Ural Locomotives

The history of Stankomatika began in a garage with 40 square meters in a small town of Aramil near Yekaterinburg. Yavar Aliyev and his partners started assembling equipment for the production of plastic windows. In 2008, a crisis hit the construction industry, so the orders decreased dramatically. Forced to survive, they switched to production of small components for machine building companies, focusing on non-standard metal structures and components for electric locomotives. Yavar says they participated in all possible tenders and did not avoid any orders. The company was developing and at some point advanced tools could be added to expand the product range.

But the big break-through happened in 2014, when Stankomatika became supplier to Ural Locomotives (JV Siemens and Sinara Group). Initially, the JV sourced most of the components from Germany, until in 2014, following a rapid rouble weakening, a large-scale import-substituting project was initiated. As a result the share of local sourcing could be increased to 84% in a short period of time.

Stankomatika was a big winner. No special connections were necessary, they more or less stumbled over a tender of Ural Locomotives which turned to be their success ticket. Now Stankomatika occupies 4.5 thousand square meters and employs 109 people. With the opening of a new production floor, the number will increase by another 20-30 people. So far around RUB 200 million ($ 3.5 million) were invested. In words of Yavar Aliyev, everything is possible, if one works hard.

Source: dk / Photo: etv

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