Sverdlovsk Region promotes Smart City Solutions

Yekaterinburg is running the application for hosting EXPO2025, for which a new “smart city district” is envisioned. 

The governor Evgeny Kuyvashev is already pushing the development and implementation of available solutions in all cities and towns of Sverdlovsk Region such as smart management of transport systems, urban lighting, utility networks as well as further development of online public services.

The head of the project team, the first vice-president of the Ural University, Sergei Kortov says the Region has all chances to become the most “smart” in Russia, and more over a center of development and commercialization of new digital solutions.

The chairman of the Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly, Lyudmila Babushkina says: “We, as legislators, are also developing mechanisms that will allow the digital economy to develop at a faster pace.”

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