UK Culture Secretary says it’s total nonsense

The poisoning of a former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter perpetrated on British soil, sparked an outrage in the UK media and an unprecedented diplomatic crises.

If the Russian state was in fact behind the attack, it would for sure spark an outrage wave at home in Russia. But at the moment the vast majority of people just don’t buy the story. For sure, one can make the usual claim, it is due to the biased media coverage in Russian TV. But even Kremlin critics say, they cannot grasp the motivation. There are many simpler ways of killing people, i.e. stabbing with a knife, hitting by a car or shooting with a gun. Why would somebody use a nerve agent, which would directly point at the alleged perpetrator? The only theoretical motivation for that could be to make all the traitors fear the retaliation. But besides all the other facts against it, the time point of the attack does not make any sense for this scenario. The presidential election is set for this Sunday, March 18 and the FIFA World CUP starts in a couple of months. This kind of bad news and new political tensions are absolutely not in the interest of Vladimir Putin.

It is remarkable that the story coverage in the main stream media has been unilateral, and even though the investigation is still ongoing and no clear evidences are presented to the public, alternative scenarios, besides the main story, are not even discussed, with few exceptions.

Former MI5 official, Annie Machon, said in a BBC show Vladimir Putin might have been ‘framed’ for Skripal poisoning. Immediately the Culture Secretary Matt Hancock slammed BBC for giving “pro-Kremlin guests” airtime and called it “total nonsense”. Well, if only the world was that simple.

For more please read another interview with Annie Machon in the news outlet Express.

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