Ural Locomotives increases local sourcing and gears up for high-speed trains

Yesterday, Ural Locomotives (JV Siemens and Sinara Group) was visited by Governor of Sverdlovsk Region and the Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev as a part of his visit to Yekaterinburg.

The company demonstrated its success in driving the local sourcing for the electric train “Lastochka” which is based on Siemens Desiro platform designed for commuter and regional passenger service.

The production started in 2013, with a significant share of imported parts. In 2014, following the rapid rouble weakening, the company initiated a large-scale import-substituting project which allowed to increase the share of local sourcing to 84% in a short period of time.

The main shareholder of Sinara Group, Dmitry Pumpyansky, demonstrated the plant’s capabilities for the next big step, the high-speed train. In this respect, Russian Railways is expected to place orders in years to come along with the development of high-speed railroads.

In words of Mr Pumpyanskiy, today Ural Locomotives is the only enterprise in Russia that possesses the necessary resources which would allow to start the production of high-speed intercity trains within a short time frame. The plant is equipped with modern production systems, and the staff has the required experience and competence.

Source: znak

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