Uralmash maintains close ties with India

Uralmash, a manufacturer of giant mining machines from Yekaterinburg, presented its products at the 14th International Mining and Machinery Exhibition IMME held recently in Calcutta (India). With over 400 exhibitors from around the globe, including Australia, USA, Canada, China and Germany, IMME is a major industrial event in the country, supported by Government and the state-owned Coal India.

Traditionally, Uralmash has close ties with Indian mining companies. At the beginning of the year two walking excavators were delivered to NCL. Currently the company is participating in a large-scale tender for the supply of six dragline excavators for Coal India.

At the event, talks were held with other potential customers such as NMDC, a large producer of mineral fertilizer, Hindustan Zinc, the world’s second largest zinc producer  as well as other major companies.

Uralmash aims to keep and develop its role in international market as a competitive provider of mining machines. In years to come, the company will extensively invest in modernization of its production capacities, with the support from a strategic partner – Gazprombank.