Yekaterinburg Airport invests $27 mln into International Terminal

The modernization of the domestic terminal was completed in 2012. Now the operator will invest 1.5 bln rubles ($27.3 mln) into the upgrade of the international terminal.

The works start later this year and must be completed in 2019. A significant part of the investment will be spent for the upgrade of security equipment and modernization of luggage handling operations.

In 2017, airport’s passenger traffic was around 5 million. In case Yekaterinburg wins the bid to host the Expo-2025, one more terminal will be constructed to increase the airport’s handling capabilities to over 10 mln passenger.

Koltsovo is the third Russia’s airport behind Moscow and St-Petersburg which provides a number of direct connections with other cities. Currently, 75% of all domestic flights operate via Moscow.


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