Maria Mironova Gets “Sochi Ambassador to the Urals”

Yekaterinburg’s girl wins the Beauty of the Urals award at the Russia Beauty-2018 contest held in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.
Maria Mironova was among 45 contestants throughout Russia but failed to break even into the top ten. She attributes the failure to her height which is only 165 centimeters, a disqualifying factor for that sort of competitions. 
Despite the setback, Maria has still won the regional crown. She also grabbed a certificate for professional classes in the Ostankino TV center, as that has been her longtime dream to work as a TV news anchor.
“I admire the contest and myself. No girls under 172 centimeter made it into top ten and I have expected that. But I was the best among six contestants from the Ural federal district”, she says. 
She also won an extra benefit from the contest organizers, who declared her “Sochi ambassador to Yekaterinburg”, whatever that could be.
Maria promises to reveal the meaning of that “diplomatic” job as soon as she learns it herself.

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